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Is there a certain position to try, having a "tipped" uterus, that might increase my chance of conception?

Tilted Uterus and Conception

Women with a tilted uterus are often under the impression that because of the tilting, it may be harder to conceive a baby.

Fortunately, having a tilted a uterus does not impede on a woman's chances to conceive a baby. A man's sperm must make its way through a woman's uterus regardless of the way the uterus is positioned. The woman's cervical mucus, how the man's sperm swims and the amount of sperm are all factors in conceiving, but the position of the uterus is not.

If you are having trouble conceiving, it is best to check with your physician. It is also important to remember that when a couple is trying to conceive your lifestyle must be healthy.

If you smoke or your partner smokes, try quitting. Smoking can lower your ability to conceive. Make sure to eat a healthy diet, take prenatal vitamins, and exercise. The most important thing to remember is that you should get to know your menstrual cycle, this can help pinpoint ovulation and increase conception chances.

What is is called when you are overdue and the baby goes to the bathroom in the womb and consumes the feces? What is that called?

Meconium Aspiration

A baby's first bowel movement is often referred to as meconium. This meconium is often a tarry texture and is usually dark green in color. Most often, the baby passes his first meconium after birth.

One complication during a vaginal birth is called meconium aspiration. This refers to a baby having a bowel movement while still inside of its mother during the labor and delivery process. During this process, the baby can aspirate or breathe in the meconium and amniotic fluid, which can result in complications.

A baby may suffer from breathing problems due to the inhalation of the meconium. If a baby is believed to have inhaled meconium during the labor process, doctors will begin treatment during the delivery of the baby.

Is it okay to take hot baths while you are pregnant?

Hot Baths and Pregnancy

Many women love to take nice, hot baths as a way to relax. Who needs to relax more than a pregnant woman? Is it safe to immerse yourself in a hot bath when you are pregnant?

Hot water and pregnancy don't mix well. While it most likely won't harm your baby, it can cause the expectant mommy to experience dizziness or light-headedness due to raising her body temperature.

This raise in body temperature may also affect the baby. Therefore, a hot bath isn't recommended when pregnant. If your water has broken, then baths of any sort are not okay to take.

However, pregnant women may take a warm bath to relax. Most doctors recommend the water not be any warmer than 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which is still pretty warm and relaxing.

Can you help me pinpoint that day when I ovulate a little better? I am having great trouble finding it.

Pinpointing Ovulation

Many women trying to conceive often don't know their own menstrual cycle. One important key to knowing your most fertile times is to know your cycle, know how long it lasts thus being able to pinpoint ovulation times.

Most women ovulate 14 days before her menstrual period begins. This means if your cycle is 28 days long, you will most likely ovulate on day 14. If your cycle is 35 days long, then you will most likely ovulate on day 21.

Women should try to conceive on her most fertile days. She should have sexual intercourse anywhere from one to two days before she ovulates up to around one day after ovulation starts.

Another suggestion to pinpoint most fertile days is to use an ovulation calculator. An ovulation calculator is a calculator in which you input your last menstrual cycle and how long it lasts. With this information, the calculator will tell you what your most fertile dates for conception will be.

A good ovulation calculator can be found online on such sites as this:

If I was 5 weeks pregnaut and I had an ultra sound can you see the fetus and hear a heart beat if so what would it look like

Ultrasounds at Five Weeks Gestation

Many women who are pregnant want to make sure all is going well in the early days of the pregnancy.

An ultrasound is a good way for doctors to meausure how a baby is growing and developing in utero.

Most often if an ultrasound is given as early as five weeks gestation, it is because doctors want to diagnose and confirm the pregnancy.

An ultrasound this early in pregnancy is usually a trans-vaginal ultrasound, meaning a wand will be inserted in the vagina. This type of ultrasound will offer the most accurate measurements and view of the baby.

At around five weeks gestation an ultrasound would most likely show a gestational sac and a yolk sac. The heartbeat may or may not be visible at this early stage. Most often, a heartbeat is visible on ultrasounds around six weeks gestation.

how long do i have to wait to have sex after childbirth?

Sex After Childbirth

Many couples wonder how long they must wait to have sex after the birth of a new baby.

Most doctors recommend waiting at least six weeks before having intercourse after the birth of a baby. If the woman has had a vaginal delivery, there may have been some tearing that required stitches. Having intercourse too soon may rip the stitches. It takes about six weeks to heal, sometimes longer.

If the woman has had a c-section, the doctors will advise you to wait six weeks as well. A woman's body needs time to heal physically from the surgery, and any type of strenuous activity can cause a complication.

Another consideration for a new mother is how she feels in general. Most new mom's are tired and do not feel up to having sex, even after the six week wait. Other new mom's feel great just a week or two after childbirth.

Listening to your body is a good way to judge if you are ready. However, if there are stitches in place, it is best to wait until your body is fully recovered before engaging in sexual activity.

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