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Can baby´s sex be determined before birth?

Folk Methods for Determining Baby's Sex

While not proven accurate by any means, these are fun and noninvasive.

Pendulum: An object such as a ring on a necklace, a pencil hung from a string, or other pendulum is suspended above the pregnant woman's bare belly. It must be perfectly still and freely suspended. The pendulum will soon begin to swing; side-to-side is said to mean the baby is a boy and in a circle indicates a girl.

Drain-O Test: In the second or third trimester, mix one cup of fresh, first-morning urine with one tablespoon of Drain-O crystals OUTSIDE (to avoid toxic fumes.) Mix by swilling the glass around then let sit undisturbed for one hour. The surface will turn army green for a boy, mud puddle brown for a girl. Perform three test a few days apart and take 2 out of 3 results. Be sure to dispose of the mixture down the drain or at a toxic waste disposal site.

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