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What type of childbirth education class should I take?

Methods of Childbirth Classes

There are 4 main childbirth classes. Bradley Method, Lamaze, Grantly Dick-Read and "prepared" childbirth classes. The methods vary in breathing and relaxation excercises. Choosing a class depends upon your preferences and expectations of your childbirth experience and the availability of an instructor in your area.

Should I stick to the birth plan no matter what?

Leave Room For Change

When planning a birth - always leave room to change your mind. You never fully know how you're going to react until you are in the middle of labor and delivery - and sometimes the best made plans will be thrown out the window. Allow yourself the option to change your mind midstream, it's okay!

What type of childbirth education class should I take?

Education Makes The Best Birth Experience Possible

Preparing for childbirth should be number one once you find out you are pregnant. Knowledge melts away fear - ignorance only leads to fear. Read all you can about childbirth and speak with your doctor or midwife in depth about any concerns or questions you may have. Take childbirth classes, subscribe to pregnancy magazines - many are free, and read through quality websites. You may even want to join with a pregnancy discussion board - as I've had very positive and educational experiences with these. All in all, education about pregnancy and birth is the best possible plan for a woman facing a pregnancy and the end result - birth. Especially for first-time moms, there is no substitute for what educating yourself can do for a positive experience from conception to birth.

What type of childbirth education class should I take?


Developed by Dr. Ferdinand Lamaze, Lamaze trains women to look outside her body to a focal point while incorporating breathing exercises to ease through labor and delivery. For more information on Lamaze contact The American Society for Psychoprophylaxix in Obstetrics, 1840 Wilson Blvd., Suite 204, Arlington, VA 22201. Phone - 1-800-368-4404.

What type of childbirth education class should I take?

Childbirth Classes

I think every woman should take a childbirth class. These classes help to answer questions, educate and prepare you for the best possible experience in childbirth. There are a number of childbirth classes offered from prepared childbirth classes - which teach about hospital procedures - to specialized classes that teach different labor coping means. All teach the mechanics about the birth process and the choices you may have to make. Ask your physican or midwife about the classes offered in your area. Be sure to call soon, most classes fill up fairly quick.

What type of childbirth education class should I take?

Relaxation Methods

Relaxation and breathing techniques can help a laboring mom to better cope with the pain of childbirth. Breathing exercises learned from natural childbirth classes helps to calm and relax the laboring mom - helping her to focus without the use of medications. Usually a coach (husband) plays a big role in helping mom to relax as taught in the natural childbirth classes.

What type of childbirth education class should I take?

Grantly Dick-Read

Grantly Dick-Read method of childbirth came from Dr. Dick-Read's nurse, Margaret Gramper. This class teaches about labor and deliver and relaxation methods to cope. This class usually begins in the 4th month of pregnancy. For more information contact Midwest Parentcraft Center, 627 Beaver Rd., Glenview, IL 60025. Phone 312-248-8100.

What type of childbirth education class should I take?

Prepared Childbirth Classes

Prepared childbirth classes are offered by ob/gyn clinics and hospitals usually certified by the International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA) or by labor and delivery or obstetric nurses. These classes cover hospital procedures as well as the aspects of labor and delivery - both vaginally and cesarean. For more information contact ICEA, P.O. Box 20038, Minneapolis, MN 55420. Phone - 612-854-8660.

Do I need to take childbirth education classes?

Bradley Method

The Bradley Method of childbirth education teaches women to focus on what is happening inside their body - the birth of their baby - while incorporating deep breathing and relaxation. Bradley also teaches nutrition and the classes should be started in the 5th or 6th month of pregnancy. For more information contact American Academy of Husband-Coached Childbrith, P.O. Box 5224, Sherman Oaks, CA 91413. Phone 1-800-4ABIRTH.

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