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Can I breastfeed twins?

Use a Nursing Pillow

If you will be nursing your babies, go ahead and invest in a good quality nursing pillow. There are even some designed especially for twins. What is a luxury for a singleton mom could be a real lifesaver for you!

How can I prepare for a multiple birth?

Possible complications

Multiple births are usually considered "high risk" but there are things you can do to minimize this. Eat plenty of good food, particularly high-quality proteins. Take a daily walk to keep in shape aerobically and to encourage the baby's to settle in a head-down position. Read everything you can about birth, especially multiple birth.

How can I cope with an early pregnancy loss?

Give yourself time to grieve

Our society gives surprisingly little support to families who have lost a baby to miscarriage. For those outside of the immediate family (and frequently for everyone but the mother herself) the baby wasn't "real" yet. Yet you who carried him or her in your body, even for a brief time, knew and loved this baby. Don't let anyone downplay the seriousness of your loss. Take as much time as you need to mourn your loss.

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