Sex After Childbirth

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how long do i have to wait to have sex after childbirth?

Sex After Childbirth

Many couples wonder how long they must wait to have sex after the birth of a new baby.

Most doctors recommend waiting at least six weeks before having intercourse after the birth of a baby. If the woman has had a vaginal delivery, there may have been some tearing that required stitches. Having intercourse too soon may rip the stitches. It takes about six weeks to heal, sometimes longer.

If the woman has had a c-section, the doctors will advise you to wait six weeks as well. A woman's body needs time to heal physically from the surgery, and any type of strenuous activity can cause a complication.

Another consideration for a new mother is how she feels in general. Most new mom's are tired and do not feel up to having sex, even after the six week wait. Other new mom's feel great just a week or two after childbirth.

Listening to your body is a good way to judge if you are ready. However, if there are stitches in place, it is best to wait until your body is fully recovered before engaging in sexual activity.



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