Ultrasounds at Five Weeks Gestation

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If I was 5 weeks pregnaut and I had an ultra sound can you see the fetus and hear a heart beat if so what would it look like

Ultrasounds at Five Weeks Gestation

Many women who are pregnant want to make sure all is going well in the early days of the pregnancy.

An ultrasound is a good way for doctors to meausure how a baby is growing and developing in utero.

Most often if an ultrasound is given as early as five weeks gestation, it is because doctors want to diagnose and confirm the pregnancy.

An ultrasound this early in pregnancy is usually a trans-vaginal ultrasound, meaning a wand will be inserted in the vagina. This type of ultrasound will offer the most accurate measurements and view of the baby.

At around five weeks gestation an ultrasound would most likely show a gestational sac and a yolk sac. The heartbeat may or may not be visible at this early stage. Most often, a heartbeat is visible on ultrasounds around six weeks gestation.



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