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What can I do to help my baby transition to life outside the womb?

Touch your baby

The skin is the largest organ of the human body! Stroking stimulates the newborn to regulate his breathing.

How early do I need to be prepared for the baby?

Be Prepared EARLY

Yes, I believe it is very necessary to have everything in order before baby arrives. Speaking from experience - I had preterm labor at 30 weeks and was on bedrest and panicked because I didn't have things in order. Try to have all that you think baby will need - ready at the beginning of the third trimester. Have the crib, bassinet, clothes, carseat, blankets, etc. all set up and ready for the birth. Even though it may sit out for 3 months - at the very least should something happen earlier than anticipated - you'll have everything in order and ready for your little one.

When should baby´s cord be clamped?

Delayed cord clamping

Delay cutting the umbilical cord at least until it has stopped pulsating at the baby's end. This allows baby the benefit of getting as much oxygen-rich blood as possible. It also gives the baby a little more time to make the transition to life outside the womb, as he or she will continue to get oxygen from the placenta and will not need to begin breathing immediately.

Should I breastfeed my baby?

Make the decision to breastfeed

You will vastly improve both you and your baby's health, both short- and long-term, by breastfeeding. Make the decision ahead of time that this is simply something you are going to do. This dedication may be what sees you through some rough times.

What will I need for my baby before I give birth?

Baby Basics

Upon arrival, baby will need a few things. First of all, an infant car seat is needed - you won't be able to leave with the baby from the hospital if you don't have one. Clothes, blankets, bottles (if bottle feeding and formula), a place to sleep - such as crib, bassinet or cradle, diapers and wipes, baby tub and baby bath soap are good starters. If you want the convenience of some items to make life with baby a little easier - good ones are bouncy seats, baby swings, playpens, exersaucers, changing tables and walkers. Go to the baby department of a major department store. You may find items you and baby just can't live without. Happy shopping!

How can I make the circumcision decision?

Circumcision Debate

Circumcision is a decision that should be made prior to the baby's birth. Be sure to weigh all the options, if you are unsure of which way to go. There are benefits either way to circumcise or to not circumcise.

Does my baby need eyedrops after birth?

Delay eye drops

It is routine to give the newborn eye drops (typically erethromycin) to protect against the potential of eye infection, which could lead to blindness, should the mother have gonorrhea. If you choose to have these eye drops (you can sign a waiver if you prefer) ask that they be delayed until after the first hour. The drops cause blurry vision in the newborn and you will want to delay this until after the baby's initial active, alert state when he or she will be making eye contact with you. Wait until Baby is ready for a nice, long sleep.

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