Meconium Aspiration

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What is is called when you are overdue and the baby goes to the bathroom in the womb and consumes the feces? What is that called?

Meconium Aspiration

A baby's first bowel movement is often referred to as meconium. This meconium is often a tarry texture and is usually dark green in color. Most often, the baby passes his first meconium after birth.

One complication during a vaginal birth is called meconium aspiration. This refers to a baby having a bowel movement while still inside of its mother during the labor and delivery process. During this process, the baby can aspirate or breathe in the meconium and amniotic fluid, which can result in complications.

A baby may suffer from breathing problems due to the inhalation of the meconium. If a baby is believed to have inhaled meconium during the labor process, doctors will begin treatment during the delivery of the baby.



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