Childbirth Classes

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What type of childbirth education class should I take?

Childbirth Classes

I think every woman should take a childbirth class. These classes help to answer questions, educate and prepare you for the best possible experience in childbirth. There are a number of childbirth classes offered from prepared childbirth classes - which teach about hospital procedures - to specialized classes that teach different labor coping means. All teach the mechanics about the birth process and the choices you may have to make. Ask your physican or midwife about the classes offered in your area. Be sure to call soon, most classes fill up fairly quick.



2/4/2009 2:25:53 AM
Amber said:

I did not have any desire to attend a childbirth class, but went because people told me I "should." It was a complete waste of time and money, and simply made me more irritable. I do NOT think that every woman SHOULD take a childbirth class - for those who want to, it's a good option, but no one should feel obligated. There are other ways of becoming informed.


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