Is Episiotomy Painful?

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when they do an episiotomy is it painful?

Is Episiotomy Painful?

An episiotomy is a small cut made in the perineum (the area of muscle between the vagina and the anus) to enlarge the vaginal opening for childbirth. Episiotomy is usually performed just before the baby is born when the head is placing pressure on the perineum. Because the pressure of the baby's head creates a natural numbing effect, most women do not feel much pain from episiotomy even in an unmedicated birth. However, you may feel a variety of sensations such as pulling or pressure. Once the baby is born, the doctor will give you a few stitches to ensure the cut heals properly. Doctors typically use a topical anesthetic so that receiving the stiches will not be painful.



6/20/2007 1:45:44 PM
Lisa Marsolais said:

Its not painful, but the healing process is very ITCHY! Try a constant mineral oil rub - let your nurse apply, she'll know what to do. It really helps to stretch to avoid needing an episiotomy or tearing.


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